I have chapters in two recently published books

I have chapter essays in these two recently published books.

Jewish Revival Inside Out: Remaking Jewishness in a Transnational Age (ed. Daniel Monterescu and Rachel Werczberger) Wayne State University Press, 2022

This volume explores the global transformations of contemporary Jewishness, which give renewed meaning to identity, tradition, and politics in our post secular world.

My chapter essay is titled: “Jewish. Jewish? “Jewish” Jewish! New Authenticities amid Post-Holocaust, Postcommunist Europe’s Jewish Revival

Jews and Slavs. Volume 27: Essays on Jewish History and Art in Slavic Lands

(Ed. Sergey R. Kravtsov and Polona Vidmar, 2022)

This 27th volume of the international series Jews and Slavs, entitled Jewish-Slavic Cultural Horizons: Essays on Jewish History and Art in Slavic Lands, dwells on the political, cultural, literary, and artistic interaction between Jews and Slavic peoples from the Middle Ages to the World War II aftermath. The publication contains 21 articles dedicated to the history, ethnicity, culture, literature, theatre, fine arts, architecture, heritage and memory thematically grouped in nine sections.

My essay is titled: “Preservers/Rescuers/Keepers/Guardians of Memory: Recognizing non-Jewish Poles who Preserve, Protect, Conserve, and Promote Jewish History, Heritage, and Memory.”

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