Article notes my role in Druha Trava CD


Lubos Malina. Photo © Ruth Ellen Gruber

An article by Ginanne Brownell about Druha Trava, published March 8, 2013, notes my role in the band‘s 2011 CD “Shuttle to Bethlehem”. From her interview with Lubos Malina:

Tell me about “Shuttle to Bethlehem.” Why did you decide to finally record in English?

We had tried a few times, we recorded three English-language albums but none of them had good translation of Robert’s original stuff. And it was the idea of Ruth Ellen Gruber [an American journalist based in Italy]. She came and pushed us to do this. She asked someone to translate the songs word by word and then she re-wrote it to a singing poetic way and then they finished it with Robert. So they both agreed on final versions of the songs and both were happy. On previous records, Robert translated himself and got some help but they had no sense for the poetics.

Do you feel like it works with English language audiences?

We have only been to the US once since we recorded it. When we sang in Czech, no one could understand but now they get it all, music, words and meanings. So I guess they should appreciate more and enjoy it more. And seems like it works.


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